Four Signs Homeowners Should Know About Calling A Plumber

Usually, homeowners don’t get the signs that they are in dire need of a plumber until the situation escalates and gets to the worst. On that note, here are some signs that indicate that it is time to call a plumber.

A Spike in Bills

If you have detected a sudden spike in the water bill, you might want to get your water heater checked. Even though you are paying a price for warm water, warm water still shouldn’t cost you loads of money. It might be the right time for the water heater installation and replacement of that old water heating unit with a new one.

However, to rule out any other potential problems, it is in your best interest to get a plumber on board and have the system checked for potential problems. Speaking of warm water, if the warm water runs out very quickly – it is a sign that your water heater needs a repair or a replacement.

A Bubbling Toilet

As a homeowner, you should know about sewer lines and backups as well as signs that you are about to have a problem with your sewer line backing up. For instance, if you flush a toilet – normally, it would go swirl and swoosh, and it is gone. In this context, one sign that your sewer line could be backing up is when you hear some bubbling coming back when you flush the toilet.

If the toilet, upon flushing, bubbles, and gurgles – you should take it as a sign that you are about to have a problem and that it is time to opt for sewer system cleaning by calling a plumber. Another sign is right at the base of your toilet – if you see water on the floor at the base of the toilet.

You should treat it as a sign that your sewer line is backing up.

A Sink Won’t Drain

Then you have other quite apparent signs, such as sinks won’t drain. Some homeowners find out that they really have a problem when they do a big load of laundry, and that big load of laundry backs up behind the washer or comes up in the shower and makes a mess.

If this happens, you really know that this is a very sure sign that you have a sewer line problem. Speaking of a slow-draining or not-draining sink, you should also watch out for low water pressure, as it can indicate a clogged pipeline. Instead of waiting for a miracle to happen for the water pressure to be restored –call the nearest professional plumber for immediate help.

A Frozen Pipe

Frozen pipes indicate frost on exposed pipes, clanking noises, or strange smells when you turn on the taps and the water stops running. The unique property of water includes the aspect of expanding as it freezes, which puts enormous pressure on whatever is containing the water, including metal pipes.

If you detect a frozen pipe, you might want to turn on the faucet and keep it running. While you wait for the plumber to have a look, you can also perform a little DIY and apply heat to the affected area.