Make your messages disappear into thin air with this nifty app

Do you ever send someone a text message or email that you wish you could take back? Maybe you shared something too personal or revealed information you later realized you shouldn’t have.  You go to the Privnote website and type or paste your message into the text box. You include text, images, audio, documents – anything you want the recipient to see. When ready, hit the “Create Note” button, and Privnote will generate a unique, randomized URL for your note.  Copy this URL and send it to whoever you want to view the message. However, you don’t have to worry about the note sticking around forever. After the recipient clicks the link and views the note, it appears and disappears forever.  Send secure one-time messages. Privnote is perfect for sharing passwords, links, account numbers, or other info you only intend the recipient to see once. No need to worry about leaving a digital footprint. So if you’re looking for a simple way to make your messages vanish into thin air, Privnote is the perfect solution. Here are some tips for using it.

  1. how does privnote work? Keep it short and simple. Private notes are best suited for quick messages, not long conversations. Stick to a few paragraphs or less.
  2. Add context to your regular message. When you send the Privnote link, include enough contexts so the recipient understands what it’s regarding. But don’t include sensitive details.
  3. Use it in moderation. While Privnote has many benefits, overusing it seems secretive or sketchy. Use it selectively for information you truly want to disappear.
  4. Test it out. Generate a test note and have a friend click the link before using Privnote for something important. Make sure it works as expected.
  5. Don’t expect total secrecy. While Privnote notes are encrypted in transit, the recipient always photographs or screenshots the message before it self-destructs. So don’t send anything illegal!
  6. Be mindful of links. Links inside Privnote notes will still be live and clickable. So don’t share malicious links thinking they will disappear.

Ready to start making your messages vanish? Just visit to get started. The clean, user-friendly interface makes it easy to create self-destructing notes in seconds. You even customize the look by picking a theme.  Privnote works on all modern devices with a web browser. There are also iOS and Android apps available to create notes on the go. The service is free of charge and does not require any registration or account setup.

So if you ever need to send confidential information or just want more control over your digital footprint, give Privnote a try. It brings ephemeral messaging to your browser in a snap. No more regretting messages being retracted. Just generate your private link, send it, and rest assured the note will disappear forever once seen.

Your sensitive conversations stay strictly between you and the recipient.  It’s like your message vanished into thin air. So don’t wait – visit and start protecting your messages today. Its nifty app makes it easy to discuss private topics share confidential info securely, and avoid future misunderstandings.  With Privnote, you stay in control. You decide who sees your messages and for how long. Try out this free online service for sending notes and info that expire after being read once.