Social Media

Social Media Tools To Help Fix Whatever Ails Your Online Business With The Help Of Netbase Quid

Data is information that can drive innovation, making informed and confident business decisions, and competitive success for your business. Data includes statistical facts, patterns, trends, and other things. The data is then grouped and used for analysis and reference. This information is crucial for your business plan. Staying aware of available data is critical in keeping your business competitive and thriving. Data helps recognize consumer’s habits and changing trends. Using the data provided by technological advances will assist in making crucial business decisions.


Netbase Quid has taken advantage of that technology, pulling relevant data together for you, and making it easier for you to use massive amounts of information in making decisions about your business. NetBase Quid has built an intelligence bomb that will help understand and influence your consumers. They have combined sources from social media, news and magazine articles, customer and product reviews, and many other sources. Their data can help you reach your business goals, and answer questions about keeping your business growing, competitive, up-to-date, and successful.

What Are Social Media Tools

Social media, especially Facebook, is filled with ways to help your business approach marketing in the most popular and inexpensive ways possible. If you use social media personally, you may already be aware of many of them, but have not thought about using them in different ways. Here are some ways to use Social media tools that you might find useful.


  • The follow button should be on your website. If consumers use it, every change on your website will go directly to their notifications.
  • Use the “Share” button on your website. It is a social media tool that consumers may use, sharing a special deal that you are offering or something interesting or funny.
  • Combine social media and email advertising.
  • Learn about embedding tweets and experiment with different ways to use them. Tweets made by famous people, or tweets that somehow bring attention to your product or business can be very appealing. A tweet is a public opinion or statement that is okay to share on your website.
  • Make use of social plugins. A small social plugin on your website may increase your traffic.
  • Make public contact with your happy and loyal customers on social media and allow them to assist with advertising by simply expressing themselves. Ask them if they are enjoying their latest purchase, and tell them how much their business means to you.
  • Build on your leads while using social media tools.
  • Make use of social media data for sales leads and other contacts with customers and potential customers.

All of these social media tools will help with marketing, but they will do other things as well. Building strong customer relationships will strengthen every other marketing tool that you use. When your business, or even you personally, are actively engaged with your customers, on a personal level, and in a public setting, others will see every word you use, and react emotionally. The more familiar your business name is, the quicker it will come to mind when a purchase is needed. There are over 500 million people daily using Facebook, and many of them are shopping.