TV Wall Mount Guide – Best Equipment to Purchase for Your Home

If you own a flat screen TV, a good quality TV mount is a necessary accessory. Flat screens are designed with an aim to blend with the surroundings without taking too much space. It is usually a major focal point in the living space.

Types of TV Mounts

Different types of TV mounts are available in the market with different features. Among the different types of equipment available, TV wall mount bracket is the most common one. They are not only durable in nature but are also manufactured from reinforced steel that will make the TV to grip perfectly.

The main three types of TV wall mount brackets available include:

  • Tilting brackets
  • Fixed brackets
  • Full motion brackets

The fixed PrimeCables TV wall mount brackets are low profile ones. They are strong and sturdy in nature but do not offer any sort of screen movement. They are the simplest ones to install as compared to all the other brackets. They will take not more than an hour to set up. However, you have to keep in mind that you will not be able to adjust the TV once it is mounted. You will not be able to adjust the screen angle as per your posture. Not only this, if you wish to remove or add the HDMI cable, you would have to remove the TV set from bracket.

The tilting brackets are the advanced TV mounting units. With these by your side, you could easily adjust the angle anywhere between 5 degrees to 15 degrees. In this way you can easily enjoy a better viewing experience.

Full Motion TV wall mount

The full motion TV mount is the latest version of wall mount brackets. They offer your widest viewing angles along with array of names. Many manufacturers use the terminology articulating, extending arm, swivel and so on to describe this mount. One side of the mount is anchored to the wall and the other swiveling arm is extended outwards towards the room.

You can conveniently minimize and fold the arms so that the television set looks like it is flat against the wall. Also, it gives you the leverage to adjust your TV as per your requirement to enjoy the perfect viewing angle. As it has advanced features, the cost of this mount is slightly higher as compared to the others. Moreover, it is accompanied by a more complicated installation process.