Pros and cons of using proxy servers

Using a proxy server Fineproxy for local connections provides the following benefits:

  • You can hide your IP address during basic verification;
  • You can hide your geographic location by using proxy servers. The websites and services you visit only see the location of the proxy server, for example, England proxy;
  • Depending on how they are configured, proxy servers can increase your security by blocking sites that distribute malicious Software defined Perimeter. They can also check content for malicious elements before sending it to your computer;
  • Proxy servers can be used to access geographically restricted services.
  • There are many free proxy servers on the Internet, and some of them provide a variety of useful services.

Оn the other hand, there are some negative aspects of using a random server for local connections that should be considered:

  • Proxies do not encrypt your internet traffic;
  • Neither your IP address nor your real location is hidden from more advanced detection methods. You can see an example of how your location can be found using the browser and its location service on some special resources.
  • Using a proxy server, your internet traffic goes through it. This means that a malicious proxy server can see and control everything you do on the Internet. It compromises privacy and security.
  • Proxy servers usually track and record the actions of their users. In certain cases, this can have negative consequences.
  • If you access a protected encrypted website or Internet service through an incorrectly configured proxy server, it can transmit data to your computer in unencrypted form. Unencrypted information can be intercepted by others.
  • Before using a proxy server in Chrome, keep in mind that there are many free proxy servers open on the Internet and many of them are not reliable. And some of them are generally harmful.

If all you need is to hide your IP address or real location from a website or internet service that only does basic checking, then use a Fineproxy server for local connections. However, check that the service of your choice does not store any logs of your activity.