Archiving Mobile Sms, Voice Calls, And Whatsapp Communications For Internal Investigations


Monitor phone calls have been made mandatory now that most enterprises are utilizing personal mobile devices rather than office apparatuses. This task is already required since it is now intolerable to continue the workforce outside.

It is all because of the enhanced community lockdown caused by the Corona Virus Disease 2019.

Still – thanks to the contemporary world of today. Working from home is now possible even when a crisis is on-going.

Now that enterprises are forced to close for a while, their main form of communication now is WhatsApp. Seeing that WhatsApp is the simplest application there is. It is easy to send messages, voice calls, pictures, and emails in this app and it has the best quality when it comes to video calls. That is why over 2 billion people are actually taking advantage of this enhanced interaction

Howbeit, there are no incidents happening when it comes to data protection regulations, its user must know how to archive text messages and voice calls. This is in compliance with data protection protocols. Additionally, since you are live-sharing private information on-screen, doing documentation is a priority.

These records will soon be of use to your company – most especially when doing an internal investigation on audits. Investigators are scrupulous in each statistic. It is just imperative to collect facts from a company’s numerous communication records.

Be more knowledgeable about archiving mobile SMS, voice calls, and WhatsApp communications for internal investigations on the infographic brought to you by TeleMessage:

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