What You Need To Know About VPS Plan

There are many VPS hosting providers now, some are good offering customers with best plans like VPS Malaysia some are just totally ripping of their customer. The reason behind not finding a good VPS plan can be is there is a lot of option to choose from nowadays that might drive you to confusion and make it hard to find a plan that suits your requirement with the right price. 

Choosing the best plan that suits your business is very important, as VPS Hosting is cheaper and has all the good stuff of the dedicated hosting. The reason behind the confusion is the lack of knowledge about how the VPS plans work. Choosing correct a VPS plan for yourself, you first have to understand what VPS Plan is. 

What Does A Vps Plan Include?

VPS is a virtual machine that you use for hosting your website. Just like a computer, VPS is a machine that allocates resources to run your website, so that it can work fine on the internet. Choosing a plan means choosing the number of resources a website. 

The resources include CPU, RAM, disk storage, GB Network, and other services. The plans provided by many VPS providers like VPS Malaysia can differ in price depending on the type of services and amount of resources your website needs.

 You can choose different plans according to your needs. By choosing a VPS plan, you get the amount disk storage you can use and the set amount of free network bandwidth that you can use for yourself. 

Here is what you need to look out for when choosing a VPS plan: 

  • Flexible VPS Plans

Most VPS plans provide flexibility to the customer, which means you can upgrade the current plan, in case your requirement increases. Flexible-Plans give you a lot of freedom in case the traffic on your website or application starts increasing.  You need to find a plan that allows you to make provision for future when you are going to need more CPU disk, memory, and fast GB network. 

  • General Purpose VPS

General VPS plans are a common type of plan that includes the general services and set amount of resources for your everyday workload. Despite, being called “General Plan” the VPS server is fast with the best performance. 

The reason many use General Plan is that it is cheap and provides quality performance, here is what a general plan include: 

64GB RAM, 20vCPU, 650GB SSD with grade Docker installations, backup servers, or even powerful SQL database servers.

  • Storage Optimized Plans

Storage optimized Plan you get a powerful high-performance SSD, that you can further Add up to 4 TB storage if you require. 

  • Memory-Optimized VPS

The memory-optimized plan provided you uninterrupted volatile memory (RAM). In the memory-optimized plan, the RAM size you get could range from 16 GB to 128 GB. Memory-Optimized plans are useful for a database application that needs more RAM for better performance like Apache Spark.