3 Worthy Lightning Chargers for More than Optimum Performance 

People usually think that the problem is with the phone when it’s getting charged slowly. However, in reality, the charging speed depends upon the charger and not the phone. That calls for making a switch to high-quality advanced lightning chargers over the normal chargers that can do a lot of damage to the phone’s battery over time. If you’ve been having similar issues, the 3 lightning chargers we have listed below are the perfect replacements. Dig in to explore!

  • The Auto-disconnect Type C to Lightning PD Adapter Cable by Mcdodo

This Mcdodo type C to lightning adapter cable is built to resist overcharging the phone. When the battery gets 100% charged, the charging cable prevents the current from charging the phone any further. As a result of which the battery doesn’t overheat. Another stellar feature that prevents overheating is, this charger takes just an hour to charge the phone fully instead of 2-3 hours that normal cables do. Other elite features are as follows. 

  1. It has a circular reconnect feature too. Just like it stops charging the phone on its own, it also automatically starts charging it every 2 hours. 
  2. The nylon braided cable is strong and pull-resistant. Thus, the cable lasts for years without breaking. 
  3. It has an LED feature that makes finding the cable and plugging it in the port at night easy because of its visibility in darkness. 
  • The 90° Fast Lightning Charger by Mcdodo

This charging cable gets its name from the angle of its connectors: they’re at 90° alignment with the phone. Hence, the wire doesn’t twist or tangle or come in the way when the users are on their phones while the phones are getting charged. Also, it has been manufactured to resist at least 15k pulls. It means that the life of this cable is as long as 15k pulls. Last, the LED feature helps the users to not just find the cable easily but also view the battery status easily. 

  • The 3-in-1 Retractable Charger by Mcdodo

It’s practical in every sense. The design of this charger is such that it has 3 connectors, one for Lightning devices, one for Micro USB devices, and one for USB-C devices. The reasons that we say that the design is practical are as follows. 

  1. The cable can be pulled to a length of 1.2 M. So, you’re not stuck with one single length. You can set the length as per your comfort. 
  2. It has a long lifespan of 15k pulls. 
  3. The connectors are resistant to corrosion. 

To sum up, lightning chargers are game-changers because they last for a long time and protect the devices from getting damaged. This means that they actually save money in the long run.