Keep Your Website Fully Accessible witha Unique AI Empowered Tool- AccessiBe

Your business website should be compliant with the ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines so that everyone can access your site without hassles. When it comes to seamless web accessibility, it also extends to people with physical disabilities. They form a large part of the community who use the Internet for shopping for goods and services. Suppose a business is not accessible to everyone, including users with physical disabilities. In that case, it violates the guidelines laid down by WCAG 2.1 and ADA, making the company liable to unwanted litigation and expensive penalties.

AccessiBe is a leading name in web accessibility. Deploys a small part of the JavaScript to make your site become fully accessible. This task is done under 48 hours, and when the adjustments are made, you get an Accessibility Statement for your site. No similar solution for web accessibility provides a wide range of options and dependability like the above tool. It is AI-empowered and automatic, distinct in nature. It, as of now, has no direct competitor in the market; however, it performs better than what the other tools in the market have an offer.

How does it differ from manual solutions for web accessibility solutions?

When it comes to manual solutions for web accessibility, it entails complicated processes requiring a longer time and effort for completing the process. This makes the turnaround time longer, and for some companies, this time can even extend to six months. The costs are high as well. The costs of making adjustments to the site depend upon the number of web pages your site contains. The amount companies can run into thousands of dollars every year for the business.

Get site adjustments done under 48 hours

The biggest advantage of using this unique web accessibility tool is that the task is completed in just under 48 hours from the time the script is installed. It does not matter how many pages you have on the website; the tool will ensure your site is free from web accessibility issues and all the modifications are ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant.

Maintenance of this tool

There is no need for you to maintain the tool. It just needs to be installed, and you can forget about it. The company’s team maintains the tool, so all updates and error fixes are managed separately. There is an automatic scan daily, and the site is re-analyzed if you add new web pages to the website. They also become fully web-accessible after 24 hours. Its competitors are not capable of the above.

If you compare AccessiBe to other low-cost and free solutions like UserWay and WP Access, it comes as a much more superior option than them. It focuses on the WCAG, ADA Title III legal compliances, as well as the other legal web accessibility standards. These solutions have been estimated to include 5 to 15% of these standards. Permanent changes on the site are made, and you longer have to be anxious about changing color schemes and existing styles.