The Directory Choices as Per the Backlink Usage

The value of directory links is no longer what it used to be. In the past, a number of such links could give your ranking a boost, now that is not the case anymore. Google has been devaluing the value of directory links in recent years. Google understands that you can easily obtain a directory link and therefore attaches little value to it.

The Sources of the Links

A large number of links from directories can even be bad for your ranking. Therefore always ensure a natural distribution of type of backlinks in your backlink profile. There is a small percentage of backlinks from directories versus other types of backlinks.

  • Another pitfall with directory links is that they are requested from directories that are not very relevant to the website. For example, we sometimes see a link to a brokerage website on a directory that is about saving (for example). A section ‘Save on your broker’ will be created especially for the link so that you can place that link. With this heading the link is still irrelevant, after all, the main theme of the directory is saving.

In our opinion, directory links can only be valuable if they come from a directory that is super relevant to your website for the broker website only links from broker directories etc. As you buy backlinks you can have all the information.

Press releases

Do you have something new to say about your company or your industry? Then create a press release with a link to a relevant page on your website and send an email to the online newspapers.

In addition to the online newspapers, you will also have to send your press release to industry-specific news sites and blogs. Here your chances of including your press release are a lot higher than with the general newspapers.

Online newspapers have a lot of authority in Google and therefore a press release with a link to your website can be very valuable.

Pitfalls in press releases

You really need to have something new to say before a newspaper takes over your press release. Newspapers are inundated with press releases from companies that believe they have something new to do. Newspapers only pick out what has really been renewed or has news value for the general public.

Don’t come up with news that actually isn’t there for the sole purpose of getting into the online newspapers.

When making a press release, you will have to adhere to the guidelines that are generally used for writing a press release. If you look around on the internet you will find enough about this.

Broken links

The internet is full of broken links. These links refer to web pages that no longer exist or to web pages that have been moved. With link building via broken links, you are supposed to: