Can Investing in Universal Robots Improve your Competitiveness?

Robotic process automation is expanding globally. Not only is it affecting manufacturing industries, but it’s also now in almost every field of production.

According to a report by McKinsey and Company,  the global RPA market has experienced a 36% compound growth between 2016 and 2021. In 2021, the market is expected to hit a startling $1.2 Billion. 

Based on these numbers, it’s clear that automation clearly has an impact on businesses. With numerous managers running towards automation the big question remains to be:

Can investing in Robots improve your competitiveness?

In this article, we’ll look into four ways in which Universal Robots affect your market competitiveness.

Take a look.


  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI)


Commercial robots are not the cheapest of machines to bring into your industry. They, therefore, are an investment. Although their initial cost of purchase is high, they can return much more than you invested.

When looking to invest in a robot, you have to look into its ROI rate. How long does it take to return your investment? Can your industry survive for that long?

With Universal robots, Cobots have an ROI of fewer than 12 months. This means that within a year, you’ll have your money back, and will reaping profits from the robots.

Consequently, you’ll be able to produce enough quality products to sustain your market demand, and still reap a healthy profit!


  • Fix your compliance issues


When looking to dominate the market, you have to ensure that all your products meet the market standards. Quality regulation rules vary in different places, but still, you need to comply with those affecting your market.

Compliance issues arise due to various reasons. Most commonly, due to human errors. Universal robots minimize the risks of such errors by automating most of the tedious and repetitive tasks.

Furthermore, the robots provide 100% quality inspections on all your products. You, therefore, get to release quality products to the market.

Additionally, the robot software provides excellent data management and security systems for your industry. Its storage system also allows you to reuse old programs and check for mistakes.

With organization and business compliance rules changing by the day, there’s no better way to stay secure than with Universal robots. They can easily adopt the new changes and employ them quickly, giving you an advantage over your competitors.


  • Empowers employees and consumers


For you to remain relevant in the market, your productivity and efficiency have to be top-notch. You also have to offer excellent services to your customers.

Therefore, your employees and customers will determine much of your success. When your employees are happy and motivated, they’re likely to be more productive.

They’ll also develop better engagement with their customers and thus deliver better customer service than your competitors. Similarly, when your customers are happy with both your products and customer service delivery, they’re likely to buy from you again.

Universal robots can help achieve this by taking over some of the boring and repetitive tasks in the industry. This frees employees from these and other dangerous tasks. 

They, in turn, engage in more productive jobs. Consequently, their morale improves and so does their satisfaction levels.


  • More Flexibility


Flexibility is a crucial aspect of competitiveness. Your ability to adopt new technologies, production styles and even new products affects your rank in the market.

Cobots from Universal Robots are designed in the form of robotic arms. As such, they can handle products of different sizes, shapes, features, and properties. They are also free to rotate and are portable.

You can thus adapt this robot in any area of your production to produce your desired results. What’s more, the fact that it doesn’t need a safety cage allows it to collaborate safely with other workers.

You can, therefore, achieve more with this robot.


To gain a competitive advantage in any industry, you need to do something different from your competitors. Or not. Either way, robotic automation will definitely affect your competitiveness.

With the right robot for automation, you’ll easily stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you have to invest wisely. Universal Robots is an amazing automation tool you can opt for.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.