Examples And Goals Of Digital Non-Commercial Marketing

Marketing is content created to promote, educate, or inform the public about some information. Almost all Marketing that we see on television, radio or newspapers is commercial Marketing. Because it aims to sell products or services. However, there are also types of non-commercial Marketing. Because this Marketing is not intended directly for promotion.

Digital non-commercial marketing is a nonprofit marketing agency that does not directly sell products and services. This marketing usually invites or persuades people to do something they want.

Examples Of Digital Non-Commercial Marketing

Digital non-commercial marketing is usually used by governments, charity groups and political parties. By the government, digital non-commercial marketing is used to inform or educate the public about something. Meanwhile, by charitable groups, this type of marketing is used to invite people to donate or take part in social activities.

By political parties, digital non-commercial marketing is used to persuade citizens to vote for a political party or a candidate. Examples of digital non-commercial marketing are community service marketing and job vacancies.

Both types of Marketing are usually displayed in newspapers or using outdoor media, such as billboards and banners. Here are five examples of digital non-commercial marketing:

  • Smoking is dangerous! Stop smoking habit from now on!
  • Throw garbage in its place!
  • Obedience in paying taxes, a reflection of a wise man
  • Wash your hands with soap before and after eating
  • Use a helmet or seat belt when driving!

Digital Non-Commercial Marketing Goals

The goal of digital non-commercial marketing itself is different from the goal of commercial marketing, which generally aims to make a profit. Here are some digital non-commercial marketing goals:

  • Invite people to live a better life.
  • Give a warning
  • Provide motivation