How to give customers an extra reason to return with facebook…

In as much as most marketers view Facebook as a social media tool for creating brand awareness, it can as well as lead not only prospective but permanent customers too. Don’t just buy real facebook fans or buy real facebook likes and leave at it there. In fact, that is where many people get it wrong from the word going. You have to be creative to win customer’s heart. Big brands and large corporations spend billions of dollars on creativity research, and so you can judge how crucial your creativity is here.

So, how do you make sure that you give customers an extra reason to return through your facebook page? Well, the techniques include but are not limited to the following:

  • Have happy hours

You need to buy facebook fans today and treat them to occasional happy hours and see if you’ll not have them coming back. Happy hours are actually perfect when you are introducing a new product to the market or new service. When consumers get it at a crazily low price, and they get contented, they’ll come back to acquire the same at now full price. Do you see what you will just have done there? Give them a treat of what they want and they’ll have to pay for it now. If you didn’t know, that is how human beings behave and especially internet users.

  • Tag your loyal customers in posts

If you tag your loyal customer on a post, and buy 1000 facebook likes to sponsor it, don’t you think he’ll like it more to be associated with you? In other words, this is like showing some sense of appreciation and it shows how valuable a customer is to your brand to the extent of associating them with it. Well, you’ll just win so many hearts with this technique.

  • Give personalized discounts

Giving general discounts is one thing, but how about trying to tailor discounts for individual customers especially the ones who show potential of maintaining long-term, business ties? In order you earn the trust and loyalty of customers that you meet through facebook, it is advisable that you learn how to treat each customer differently. Of course, someone who buys $1000 every week cannot be treated equally to someone who buys $10 a week.

  • Reach out to customers even after transacting

Lastly, one of the best ways of giving a customer any reason to return for your products and services is reaching out to them even after end of business. For instance, if you are into beauty product, you can reach out trough Facebook messenger to check out how your customer is fairing on with the product. You can also reach out and inquire if you should supply more of it. You know, customers love it when brands make them feel that you don’t only need them for monetary gains. Show concern, love and passion about serving them through Facebook Messenger and they’ll for sure, come back. Also, you buy facebook likes for customer testimonials so that they see how people loved their testimony. That way, you’ll keep that customer on lock for the longest time possible.