Integrate JavaScript Charts on Your Projects

Everybody gets charts, this is a constant all over the world. Performance reviews or sale records can be complex topics to approach, but if there’s a chart you can be sure people will get it. For generations, charts have been a universal language of sorts. Of course, this comes down to the brilliance of their design. Humans are visual animals, and charts make sure every value is directly tied to a visual representation. So instinctively we can all grasp the meaning and information a chart offers.

However, we can’t deny that charts have been around for a long time. Sure, we might all understand a classic column chart, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a 200-year-old invention. So for those of you looking for a new way to tackle charts, JavaScript charts are the solution.

What are JavaScript charts?

JavaScript is one of the most successful programming languages in existence, and in recent years has become a great platform for chart development. The key advantages offered by JavaScript when rendering charts are the aesthetics and the real-time functionality.

Normally charts are completely static pictures, or at least they are if you make them on traditional software. However, when using JavaScript column charts, it’s possible to add animations, dynamic dimensions and even change the texture of each element. Where a traditional column chart just offers information passively, a JavaScript column chart can portray various periods through animation, can be rendered in a 3d environment, and so on.

On top of the above charts done on JavaScript can even update themselves in real-time without further user input. On traditional charts, you’ll need to manually modify the values, either on the chart settings or the cells attached to it. But with JavaScript, you can configure charts to constantly analyze a value and modify the display if there’s a change in them. In short, your charts will always be up-to-date, and without any extra effort on your part.

How can I make JavaScript-based charts?

All you need to make your charts is the right software for it, there’s no need to learn how to program when there are products designed just for chart making. So if you are looking for JavaScript-based chart software we recommend SciChart as it offers a thorough software suite that builds robust and dynamic charts. There are countless designs to choose from, and excellent client support as well, so you can’t go wrong with SciChart.