Migrating Database from MS SQL to MySQL

How to Migrate the Database from MS SQL to MySQL? – Cloud, VPS and ...

Very often some people had the impression that MS SQL is better than MySQL or vice versa. This is not true as both the systems are equally stable and efficient systems. Remember that the stability and effectiveness of databases greatly depends on your user experience rather than the database system itself. They both have their own advantages. As such the system you pick should be based on your requirements. However, the trend clearly shows that most MS SQL businesses have migrated to MySQL primarily due to the openness of the system.

Why you should shift to Open Source Software?

Open Source software is becoming a viable and dependable alternative to commercial ones because of these advantages:-

Free/Cost Effective

Open Source Software is available freely or provided under the General Public License. As such the cost involved is reasonable as compared to commercial organizations which charged hefty fees. This money can be used on development and customer support.


Since the source code is freely accessible, you will always be able to figure out how the code actually works. You will be able to fine tune and improve the software as per your needs. Additionally, it also enables users to port the code to a new hardware and then adapt according to changing conditions like integrating with an existing systems.


Open Source Software are built with the collaboration of good number of contributors who find bugs and fixes into the system. As a result they are known for their reliability and stability.

Migration to MySQL

If you want to reap the benefits of Open Source Software, it’s time you migrate your database from MS SQL to MySQL. If you find the conversion process of MS SQL to MySQL complicated there are some easy-to-use database conversion tools. One such tool is the SQL Server to MySQL converter built by Intelligent Converters. This amazing tool allows migration of SQL Server /Azure SQL database to MySQL, MariaDB/ Percona with few clicks of the mouse. 

Main Features of SQL to MySQL Converter

  1. It supports all versions of Microsoft SQL Server (this include Azure SQL)
  2. It supports all versions of Linux/Unix & Windows MySQL servers
  3. There is an option to merge MS SQL data with an existing MySQL database
  4. There is an option to convert SQL Server database to MySQL dump file
  5. It can convert indexes with all the necessary attributes
  6. It converts all foreign keys
  7. There is an option to customise resulting table structure
  8. It stores conversion settings into the profile
  9. There is an option for filtering data by using the SELECT-queries
  10. There is an option for converting individual tables
  11. There is an option to synchronise MySQL database with the data of MS SQL 
  12. It can convert MS SQL views directly into MySQL format
  13. It is compatibility with MariaDB &  Percona  
  14. Supports command line
  15. Support Unicode
  16. It’s user interface is easy to use
  17. Supports full install/uninstall
  18. This product can be customised as per the needs of the customer
  19. Unlimited 24/7 customer support
  20. There is 1-year subscription for updates