Spy ware and malware Physician Review – Will it be Really the very best Antispyware Software?

Is Spy ware and malware Physician really the very best antispyware software presently available or even is everything just hype? Let us have a much deeper use uncover how effective it’s really and look for some key features before we answer that question.


Spy ware and malware Physician is produced by PC Tools, plus it was formerly area of the Winguides group that was created in 1998 plus 2004 PC Tools was branded and created. The company offers a variety of computer security software, including anti-virus, antispyware, and registry cleaners. Individuals products have earned PC Tools lots of industry awards, including “better of” rewards from some highly reliable sources as Cnet, PC World, and PC Magazine to state a couple of.

PC Tools also employs over 200 individuals 5 countries – such as the US, United kingdom, Australia, Ireland, along with the Ukraine.


While you are getting Spy ware and malware Physician out of your local Greatest Score or Circuit City, you may also download it for that computer right from your home. Installation is simple and fairly quick therefore you literally can good to go inside a few momemts.

The client interface is extremely simple to navigate and make use of, with large buttons inside the center for common tasks.


Spy ware and malware Physician boasts among the largest spy ware and malware databases so that you can feel good knowing that could identify just about any type if spy ware and malware and malware and spy ware available and lab results have proven that really was.

Compared to other antispyware software, Spy ware and malware Physician has consistently outperformed others in relation to volume of infections determined, combined with ability to totally eliminate the infections it’ll find.

While there is instances that unsuccessful to acknowledge spy ware and malware which was preinstalled within the lab atmosphere, nonetheless it doesn’t appear any company itself notifys you – no antispyware software will absolutely find and clean everything 100% of occasions.


– Automatic Updates

– Scan Scheduler

– Real-time Protection

– Website Protection

– Backup and Restore Capacity

– Hacker Defense – the program is extremely challenging for online online online hackers to compromise

– Appear Blocker

– Site Guard alerts you of malicious websites right before visiting

– Behavior Guard warns you of zero day spy ware and malware by warning you of malicious activity

– Vista Supported


It is really an area where Spy ware and malware Physician could use some improvement. After they provide a knowledgebase of FAQs online, most of your choice of contacting them is simply by an e-mail submit form online. A business with as high a forex account as PC Tools should offer some form of live support, either via phone or web chat.


With this particular mentioned, Spy ware and malware Physician – full of features, easy to use and install, and largely effective is most likely the very best antispyware software packages presently available. But will it be the very best?