Types of Group Messaging to Utilize For Better Productivity

Many enterprises and the public sector use WhatsApp as their common communication tool. However, it poses several legal and regulatory risk. Fortunately, theses can be addressed through an effective mobile archiving solution. Although some organizations have already banned the use of WhatsApp in their workplaces to avoid non-compliance, many allow application use. This is because of the enterprise-grade archiving solution with WhatsApp call monitoring and recording and chats, contents, and metadata capture in real-time. 

WhatsApp helps organizations in many ways. One is the group messaging feature that allows for strengthening employee collaborations. Although group messaging is a common feature among messaging apps, WhatsApp offers advanced features that enable more personalized and efficient ways of sharing information between employees. 

Depending on its specific uses, there are many group chat configurations to choose from. For examples, here are some of the most used WhatsApp group messaging configurations and their functions.

Topic-based group chats

For industries like financial services companies and government offices, collaboration between departments and different regions or branches is required to improve the service quality. Forming a topic-based group chat can help members share relevant information, ideas, and insights about vital topics like projects and service improvements. It also helps avoid off-topic discussions.

Department /Team Channels

Organizations can configure WhatsApp group messaging as a default mobile channel for mobile communications in their organizational groups, such as marketing, human resources, IT, etc. It can help them enhance the exchange of information between managers and employers and simplify coordination to fast-track the decision-making process.

To know more about the different possible WhatsApp group messaging configurations for organizational use, continue reading the Infographic made by TeleMessage

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