Why Search Engine Optimization Can Be So Important For A Local Business?

An often asked question about search engine optimization is that why SEO is important for a local Hong Kong business? When your main focus has been to get traffic to your company website through other means including paid advertising, social media, and other online platforms, you may already think your business is at the top of the world (or at the top of the internet world). Those are quick traffic, and you think you can buy your way to bring in your target audience and customers. But many businesses soon realize that when there is a slight economic downturn in the Hong Kong market, it makes it hard to keep up the high advertising budget every month for the next one year.

But this problem can be solved when your HK local company website gets the majority of online traffic through search engines, especially organic search traffic. When you aren’t sure, just ask any SEO expert in Hong Kong how the continuous work of search engine optimization can have great positive impact on a local company website’s Google and Yahoo organic search rankings and SEO traffic.

On Google in a nutshell, SEO may be able to produce 20 times more traffic opportunity than a paid search campaign (i.e. Google Ads) can from both mobile audience and desktop users. One reason is this: Organic search results in Hong Kong that are sitting on page one of Google and even Yahoocan cover more inventory, can appear more credible to search engine users, and can receive way more clicks than paid ads (i.e. Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc).

In terms of online traffic channels, search engine optimization is one of the only online marketing channels that when it is set up correctly in the first place (with continuous patrols), can continue to pay dividends over many more years. When you have published an article on your company website that is considered a solid piece of content, it may deserve some good ranking for some specific keywords. The organic traffic that your site can get from those keywords are going to be snowball over time. When you expect the same to happen through any paid ads, it takes money to pay for each click through.

The issue is that when you are not capable of achieving the high rankings i.e. taking your product keywords to page one on Google and Yahoo in Hong Kong, you will get minimal traffic from your target local audience in HK. But that is not something to be disappointed. At the same time over the years, search engines (not only Google but also Yahoo with Bing’s ranking algorithms behind it) are getting smarter when analyzing your website and its content. Many businesses in HK aren’t capable to keep up with all these updates. That’s why local SEO consultants, specialists, agencies etc are available to solve such problems. The SEO professionals do have the expertise in the field, and also can provide the tools to get the work done.