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4 Benefits of Boosting Your Intelligent Building Management System

A building management system (BMS) enables your company to monitor and control mechanical and electrical equipment in multiple buildings. The HVAC, security, and other systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 are linked to a BMS and typically account for 70 per cent of a building’s total energy consumption. The configuration of your BMS is crucial, as a poorly configured system can negatively impact the building’s energy efficiency, maintenance, security, and safety.

The following are a few benefits of enhancing your intelligent building management system.

Create accurate budget proposals.

Since a BMS provides data and insights regarding your utility costs, you can make accurate predictions regarding future utility expenses. It can help you establish a budget that estimates how much your utility costs may change based on the projected growth of your business. Or, you can use BMS data and insights from your Microsoft Dynamics partner to estimate your potential utility costs in a new building.

Strengthen safety and security.

With electronic access control systems, you can manage an unprecedented variety of security and safety incidents. You can integrate camera systems into your BMS to ensure that only authorised personnel enter your building. You can also use a BMS to monitor and mitigate the impact of fires and other safety issues.

Avoid expensive, time-intensive maintenance issues.

Thanks to a BMS, proactive building maintenance is possible. A BMS identifies building maintenance issues earlier and integrates the data through RFID solutions in Singapore, allowing you to address them before they cause downtime or require costly, time-consuming repairs.

Encourage sustainability.

A BMS can assist in identifying ways to reduce energy consumption. It provides information and insights utilised to reduce energy consumption throughout the building. Moreso, you can use BMS data and insights transferred by RFID solutions in Singapore to obtain or maintain certification for your building.

Connected building automation systems generate new opportunities. The functionality and a large amount of data typically found in these systems enable everything from monitoring and configuration to creating new services.

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