Two Methods To Grow Your Blog Audience Other Than Directly Buying Traffic

Many bloggers could have already started their first blog back some 10-15 years ago. But it is never too late to start your blog, especially when you are willing to put in the time, the passion and the research techniques to grow your blog audience/readership. Growing traffic (or an audience base) for a blog or a website is never easy when you ask anyone who are new to internet marketing. But fortunately there are always methods that you can follow.

Method 1: Use this traffic sources list

It is about finding where your readers would hang out (on the internet). People could be spending their time on instant messaging, or social media/network sites. People are still using search engines (such as mainly Google, and sometimes Bing) to search for answers for things they do not know. People may go on to Quora, a question and answer site, to look for questions that were previously answered by experts, or to simply ask questions.

The free traffic sources list contains a few hundred sources or websites or methods in which new bloggers may go through, and pick the sources that would suit them best when growing their new audience base. Learn ig follower guide from famoid.

How you are going to use this list may vary on your specialty. When you’re good at engaging people on social media, you would stand a much better chance to quickly acquire audience through the social media sites. That means you should skip other sources and start with social media sites.

With some specific industries, people may often host events/conferences in their local community. Those are places that you may go and connect with new faces. These people may well be social media users. After meeting them offline in real life, you should always connect them with your social media accounts. That’s an important move for getting hold of them in the future.

Method 2: Build personas for your audience.

It would definitely help when you start creating a reader persona. When deciding a niche to write for, you were already at the cross road to find out exactly who is going to benefit from your content. The concept behind is to know the people who you are going to serve your content to, and to actually help them solving their problems.

To get to know more about the target audience in your niche (or industry), there are many ways. One example is to conduct a face-to-face conversation, or in these days you can do this through a Skype chat, or a webinar. A second method is to use one of the third party tool that actually reveals some demographics data (such as Alexa). The information that you would want to get include age, gender, job/role, interests, hobbies, beliefs/religion, values, etc.

You may end up with a few persona to begin with. You should name each of the persona for your own easy references. Each persona must be highly specific to all other personas that you have defined. When the persona is define, you may be writing for your articles/content for a group of people who are office workers between age 30 and 45, and need to the systematic methods on how to eat healthy and do exercises. Also click on christensen recycling.